Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Wildlife Photo | animal picture - Beings from another world - Manta

wild animal photo of a Manta fish taken in Oceanário de Lisboa - Beautiful smile of the animal, photo taken from bellow | wildlife picture
wildlife photo | Ocean Creatures - Manta Fish  | animal pictures

Wild Animal Photo Under The Sea

In this post I'll keep the focus in these marvelous sea creatures. This character is Flávio. With a broad smile and elegant flight, like dancing the waltz, no one would tell that he's a part of the sharks family. To me he is more then just a distant cousin. He is the one that did not conform to the rules, changed is life, changed is look... To be able to see them closest (although through the glass) its an amazing experience. For now, I can only imagine the feeling of swimming along with these beautiful and graceful creatures. If there is someone reading this post who has already done that, I would like to hear from you.
suggested readings: Hans Hass - 1952: Manta, Teufel im Roten Meer (Manta, devil in the Red Sea)

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