Monday, 14 June 2010

Wildlife Photo | animal picture - Storks in the Spring | Video photo-show

A Series of photos of Storks in the Spring - A photoshow for your amusement.

...taken in spring time, along we some friends...

For the other nature photographers that where there and shared this wonderful moments, my personal and public Thanks.

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Special Thanks and Credits for the Band and music (Foggy Dew):

Dancing Willow [Site]
Dancing Willow [on MySpace]

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Alfonso Paz
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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Wildlife Photo | animal picture - Beings from another world - Moon Fish

wild animal photo of a moon fish in the dark | wildlife picture
wildlife photography - Animal photo of a moon-fish called Barbara

Ocean Animal Photography  - Moon Fish 

Returning to the ocean and strange creatures that populate it, it's almost mandatory to post a photo of of this huge fish of the seas. It seems that evolution forgot this fellow. He is bizarre!... Having a large round body (which resembles a full moon) and small fish fins, swims in an unusual way, more like jumping forward then swimming. The size and shape of its mouth isn't less strange, because it looks like its also out of proportion with the rest of its body. All together, nature produced here one of the more intriguing and fascinating creatures (animals) on planet earth, although, they look like belonging to another world. This is what drives me to photograph this animal every time I have the change. Its a delight to get this images that makes us appreciate even more the wonder of the seas. Hope you enjoy it.

- Hope you enjoy it

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Alfonso Paz
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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Wildlife Photo | animal picture - In favor of wildlife animal conservation - Primates

wildlife photography | Closeup animal photo of a monkey of japan - Image usage free and available on wiki commons project in favar of wildlife conservation
New series of wild animal photos allowing free usage - Primates, Monkey-of-Japan available on wikimedia commons

Towards Natures preservation and its wild animal life Conservation.

With these new series, a new cycle begins. Hope you enjoy it. I'll be releasing new images, granting them full access by publishing on projects like Wikimedia Commons, in favor of  mankind higher values.

Sharing these photos is my modest contribution,
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Thursday, 3 June 2010

Wildlife Photo | animal picture - Monkey of Japan - Primates Photography


Photography and the fascination with wild life. One of my favorite Primates: Monkey of Japan



The family comes first and this needs no introduction.
With a strong presence in Africa, spread a little on all continents and broken borders. Associated with the worship of the gods in the East and considered a plague in other places, they are small, are large, they are beautiful and bizarre, are fierce and are friendly. They are like all of us humans … Among the species with the greatest influence on my photography, will be highlighted: the monkey of Japan, the mountain gorilla, chimpanzee, orangutan, and tamarin/s. The human expressions and gestures make them, almost, the perfect target for portrait photography, also of wild life.
This sharing is not innocent. This family is declining. We all lose our heritage and global consciousness is diminished with the demise of so noble and beautiful diversity. Preserving this universe is also to spread its image, is also to spread this fascination. It’s not by chance that we share 98-99% of our DNA with these brothers …

LargeFormat on Youtube

Sharing these photos is my modest contribution,
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