Thursday, 15 April 2010

Wildlife Photo | animal picture - Valentine's Series - Parrots in Love

wildlife photography | 3 pictures of a kissing moment of a couple of parrots | wild animal love captured in photos
Valentines Day Series - Parrots couple kissing - animal picture | wildlife photo

These are the last pictures of the Valentin's Series. Dedicated to all nature lovers and love itself. The photos are enough to illustrate the major force behind natures visible universe.

I'm just adding two small notes on this post that makes the "reading" a true delight:

-On the first photo, one of the parrots, that I like to think that corresponds to the male, looks very apprehensive when the other starts to approach. Its something like:- what's happening? What the L??? She's going to kiss me!... It reminded me a famous cartoon series: "Pepé Le Pew"
- On the last one, pure magic happens: The lady closes her eyes while kissing is love. What a joyful moment...
- Hope you enjoy it

Your comments and critiques are most welcome,
Alfonso Paz
[wildlife photo | animal picture]

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