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Croc Attack (or not) - Animal Pictures and Wildlife Photo

One particular visit to Lisbon Zoo has proven that the most innocent, selfless and peaceful of all visits can become a real adventure, or at least is able to raise the adrenaline to levels more suitable for extreme sports. I leave you these photos of an American Alligator, which grew vertically toward the camera a few feet above the water level. Photos of Wild Animals done in these conditions represent a huge challenge, but the Animal Kingdom pictured this way, takes on another dimension. 
Under normal conditions, I like visiting the zoo early in the morning and follow a routine route that I have been improving over time. Nothing is at random! Some of the animals can still be caught with his mouth full as they try, in haste, to finish breakfast. Others, by way of preparation for the photographers, stroke their coats and prepare themselves to catch the first rays of sunshine ... This is a seasonal ritual that depends largely on the animal species in question but also its geographical disposition in the zoo itself. One of these days I will devote an article to this animal theme, but is not the purpose of bringing you this post to Animal Picture, now. 
When the sun rises, the light floods the room of these wonderful crocodiles, dubbed the Mississippi alligator or simply, the American alligator. At that point the light is still very soft and clear. As in many other previous visits, I went straight to the Reptile House. There we can find some of the most beautiful and exotic species of reptiles and amphibians from around the Animal Kingdom -Crocodiles, snakes and serpents, frogs and toads, turtles, lizards, lizard or lizards, as the Komodo Dragon, among many others ... On that day, I went up the small wooden bridge over the lake of the alligator and enjoyed once again the mirror of water, to photograph, in absolute silent, these monsters. Besides the Animal Caretaker, that checked thoroughly that everything was in place, I could not see a living soul. 
I stayed there for some time to shoot a huge specimen that remained motionless, far below me. His eyes and the silence felt became hypnotic. I found myself a bit lethargic, which is not something recommended for those who breathe the same air as these wild animals. In the background, far away, almost like a whisper, I heard a voice of mime, like someone calling a pet animal. I was so sleepy that did not realize that the zoo-keeper was approaching from behind bringing a small piece of meat, the size of a tennis ball. The idyllic gave way to the storm and I "woke up", with a grotesque head of a crocodile in front of me. Supported by the hind legs and tail, lifted up into the air, a good pair of feet. Colossal. Gigantic. Monstrous. Didn't even dare to pinch myself, I really wanted it to be just a part of a dream (or nightmare, in this case). Mouth wide open, could only stare at a confusing prospect saw, made of conical teeth of different sizes, pointing in all directions. After the small piece of flesh touched his tongue, the press was shut instantly, accompanied by a deep noise that made shills travel down my spine.

Down to his kingdom, gracefully and delicate, he just sat there, waiting for more ... I had only telephoto lens with me, and despite not having forgotten me pants brown, these moments of closeness have not been caught , at all. Never the less, I still wanted to share with the moment with every nature and wildlife lover
aligator-crocodilo-fotos-animais-selvagens-002-Mundo-Animalaligator-crocodilo-fotos-animais-selvagens-003-Mundo-Animalaligator-crocodilo-fotos-animais-selvagens-004-Mundo-Animalaligator-crocodilo-fotos-animais-selvagens-005-Mundo-Animalaligator-crocodilo-fotos-animais-selvagens-006-Mundo-Animalaligator-crocodilo-fotos-animais-selvagens-007-Mundo-Animalaligator-crocodilo-fotos-animais-selvagens-008-Mundo-Animalaligator-crocodilo-fotos-animais-selvagens-009-Mundo-Animalaligator-crocodilo-fotos-animais-selvagens-010-Mundo-Animal aligator-crocodilo-fotos-animais-selvagens-011-Mundo-Animal

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