Thursday, 25 March 2010

Wildlife Photo | animal picture - Photos and images that chose us - Zebra

wildlife photography | photo of a zebra from behind | an unusual perspective of the animal
Animal Picture - A photo of a Zebra - behind the scenes

What do you see when you look?
 ... and the images that chose us ...

To cease the constant background noise, small, closed and oblique from mind and thoughts, may well be the ultimate human experience. In some cultures it is. The nirvana, enlightenment, or any other sort of state of Being only happens when the I (self) no longer exist.

"When reality breaks through you and empties your guts, part of what we thought we were ceases so violently that we stop being people"

This photo is part of a collection of images and pictures which the starting point is the animal itself. Its more like reverse photography (if it exists) than a standard approach to light capturing. Confused? Don't be! I'm still trying to figure it out myself... It's part of the journey. Wanna help?
Hope you enjoy it. 

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Alfonso Paz
[Wildlife Photography]

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