Monday, 29 March 2010

Wildlife Photo | animal picture - Valentine's Series - Storks

wildlife photography | Storks - wild animal photo | a series of 3 pictures of a mating ceremony
Valentines Day Series - STORKS - animal picture | wildlife photo

Love Photos. Images and pictures of nature in love.

Valentines Day Series

- Storks -

I've decided to make some justice to the theme: Love. A lot has been said, written and sung on the subject. This major force, unique, surrounds us, pass us trough, guide us, unites us and divides us, as a thin web of silk wires. With intricate pattern and color, sometimes soft and sometimes loud, it's present in the most intimate of each one and makes us what we actually are.

This is the first of three series that I share and submit to your judgement...

Your comments and critiques are most welcome,
Alfonso Paz
[wildlife photo | animal picture]

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