Friday, 26 March 2010

Wildlife Photo | animal picture - Snakes, Lizards and cousins - Publication

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New Publication on SCRIBD - Snakes, Lizards and cousins. A series of photos and pictures of one of my favorite subjects.

For these marvelous creatures, fascination can only be compared with their less appealing aspect and behavior. (...) don't really represent a threat, the single idea of touching death itself, is maybe appealing to the animal (primate) inside each one of us...
To photograph them is to get closest to the animal, but more then that, is to get back in time and understand they're journey and value they're existence. Among the thousands of species in our world, my favorites are: komodo dragon, all sorts of snakes and serpents, frogs and toads, crocodiles and alligators, turtles, chameleons and friends. (...)

pubLink: SCRIBD 

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Alfonso Paz
[Wildlife Photography]

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