Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Wildlife Photo | animal picture - We, Animals [intro]

wildlife photography - A group photo of several animals | tiger rino hipo buffalo lizards birds monkeys giraffe gorilla zebra
Animal Picture - A group photo of: wildlife animal
Photography and Wildlife Fascination

Start at the beginning may seem a redundancy or superfluous, but it is not, in fact. For the first time in these whereabouts, I try to share images and ideas of the animal world and my feelings towards nature, towards a world that materialized before my eyes every moment, with every photo.
My quest is to seek for the holy grail, and my path and vehicle is photography. Your comments, critiques and collaboration will be my fuel.

Hope you enjoy this journey thought the animal world in pictures.
Man made man, I stand Animal before you,
Alfonso Paz
[wildlife Photography]


  1. Excellent site... It will be a pleasure to watch it grow.