Thursday, 19 August 2010

Wildlife Photo | animal picture - African Elephant - plus - major updates on animaisfotos

Wildlife Photo and Animal Pictures - African Elephant and weekly updates on animaisfotos

Elephants after bathing - Mother and son

Elephants in the bath - Tenderness between mother and son
ELEPHANTS - animal pictures and wildlife

Wild Animal - A chat with the Elephants

These are the images that cross our chest and talk directly into our hearts. For those who have it. For those that still know how to listen to it. For those that still know how to do it...
In Africa, these giants, get the colors from those beautiful, far away, places. In the above photo, I've chose to give them a lighter tone. Almost ethereal. With shades of sweet and crystal light, mother and son, share the overwhelming water that falls and surrounds them. This is one of the most beautiful moments that I had the pleasure and privilege to see and photograph. Absolute harmony between these Elephants.
The photo is share for the first time here. Hope you enjoy it.

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