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LEMUR - Madagascar Primate Portraits

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Lemur - Primate from Madagascar - Photo, Picture, Image
WildlifePhoto | AnimalPicture - LEMUR  from Madagascar

Wild Animals - Lemurs on an afternoon end - Worship of the Sun

It has been long since we become accustomed to see these friendly creatures among us. From the cartoon animation to the big stages of film and cinema, they already occupy a prominent place in the representation and defense of Wild Animal Life. Coming from Madagascar, nowadays find refuge in zoo'z and theme parks scattered all over the world.

... Inspired by a melody only recognized in the stillness of spirit, take their places previously played in an almost synchronized and not over-heels. Sat, samurai, which remains silent, perfectly still, facing the sunset, wrapped in a clear light and bright.

This set of photos of primates (lemurs) seeks to share these moments of peace and calm and quiet, hoping that some of this feeling pass on to you.

This photo is one of the most original and never before shared now submitted to your trial. [In one click, you can view full size]

Animais Fotos - news 18-25Aug

Animais Fotos, Photo, Picture, Image
Animais Fotos - Portfolio selection

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