Wednesday, 4 August 2010

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Resuming the major events on wildlife photography on animaisfotos, I bring you the news between 26Jun and 1Ago. This is not a newsletter type of post, it is more like a bringing you the highlights about the the pictures who got more visits and comments and the stories that for a special reason are most worthy of sharing. Having in mind that this is a unique place for wildlife photography and animal pictures I'm also posting here (at the end) a new and unseen image of wild animals - Giraffes.

wildlife photo | animal pictures - Flamingos no Tejo
Wildlife Photo | FLAMINGOS  | Animal Pictures
Wildlife Photo | BABY Hippopotamus | Animal Pictures
wildlife photo | animal pictures - BABY HIPPOPOTAMUS - Rosinha
Wildlife photo | Animal pictures | African Elephants
Wildlife photo | AFRICAN ELEPHANT  | animal Pictures
wildlifePhoto and AnimalPictures | Monkey of Japan
wildlife Photo | PRIMATES-MONKEY OF JAPAN | animal Picture - a flower

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...New Post - Unseen image|foto of wild animal - Giraffe

Wild animal in the zoo and the blessing of Conservation, Preservation and Protection of wildlife species most endangered - Photo of Giraffes

wildlifephoto animalpictures - Mother and Daughter - Giraffe
Girafas on Foto Mundo Animal - Animais selvagens em cativeiro
These giraffes belong to most endangered wild animals group and they just deserve all our effort and dedication in favor of earths biodiversity.

Your Comments, and specially Critiques are most welcome and appreciated.
Sharing these photos is my modest contribution,
[Wildlife Photography | Animal Pictures]

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